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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Finest Career Option: Digital marketing Vs Web designing in 2016?

IT industry has been playing a major role in shaping the present world around us. The world we live in is significantly driven by IT services, and therefore the scope associated with this industry is pretty huge. This is the reason why career in the IT or Information Technology sector is considered as really an enticing one. Even if you are a fresher in the field of IT, there are still many jobs available for you. However, the main thing is which area to choose in the IT industry. There are numbers of sectors available; Web Designing and Web Marketing are the two major ones. Each has its own positive and negative aspects. For this reason, one must get complete information about the subjects covered and the opportunities available in Digital Marketing and Web Designing Courses.

Comparing Digital marketing and Web designing in various aspects

·         Who should go for it?
Digital marketing- When we talk about digital marketing, it basically involves a lot of planning and smart strategies, with basic knowledge of common languages like HTML, CSS, etc. A professional working in this field does not have to be a hardcore programmer.
Web designing- On the other hand, web designing is highly based on coding and various designing tools, such as photoshop, pixate, etc. It is more about being artistic and creative rather than marketing skills. So, if you are more into designing and innovation then go for web designing. 

·         Duration of course:
Digital marketing- The duration of digital marketing course remains between 4 and 6 months usually. The modules covered under this course are like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), mobile marketing, social media analytics, and many more.
Web designing- The duration of this course is much higher when compared to the digital marketing one. You will have to spend at least 1 year in order to pursue a course in web designing. Most of the full-time course related to web designing extends up to 2 years. 

·         Working nature:
Digital marketing- The major onuses of an expert of digital marketing is to help a company and its products or services get noticed by its potential customers. The working nature is more like coming up with strategies in order to enhance the visibility in the web world.
Web designing - On the other hand, web designing related work is more about rendering a unique and attractive design to a website, without overlooking the aspects of SEO. It is also about developing web applications for the clients. 

·         Career opportunities:
Digital marketing - The opportunities in this field are very enticing. It would not be wrong to say that even in 2016 the field of digital marketing is in the nascent stage. There is a lot of room for development, and starting a career in this field can be very promising. Digital marketing professionals are in demand these days, and they can also work as a freelancer.
Web designing - We have been hearing about web designing related jobs since more than a decade. Even though thousands of new websites are being added every year, but it would not be wrong to say that the competition in this field is quite tough.

·         Packages offered:
Digital marketing - The salary that you can expect in this field can begin from 2.5lac up to 10lac per annum. If you set up your own digital marketing agency, you could earn even more.
Web designing - The salary offered to a fresher in this field can remain around 3lac per annum, and it increases with the amount of experience.

Conclusion- Web designing is more apt for professionals who are a bit artistic in nature. It is about playing with layouts and colors. So, if you lack the artistic side, you may not be able to impress your clients. On the other hand, digital marketing is about using your knowledge as well as smartness in order to excel in this field. Since digital marketing is growing at an amazing speed, therefore it would be quite wise to make a career in the same. The duration of course related to digital marketing is also quite convenient, and most of the modules are easy to understand.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Top Ten Android Training institutes in Hyderabad 2016-2017

Top ten Android App Training institutes in Hyderabad

There is a strict necessity to manage websites for every business in this digital world. Every successful business solution which is attracting the customers is coming in the form of an android app today. For this reason, we are able to witness loads of android apps in google play. With the increase in the competition and the internet users, there is a lot to learn for every student as well professionals in the IT industry.

Coming with creative ideas and android development is not that easy.  Only an experienced and knowledgeable professional can make the difference in the web designing. Getting the assistance of such mentors and training institutes is really a hassle in Hyderabad. In fact, Hyderabad is the best place to learn the latest technologies for affordable prices and even, to start an outstanding and rewarding career.
Here, you will find experienced industry professionals who are going to conduct the web designing courses. 

Have a look at the Top 10 Android Training institutes in Hyderabad 

1.       Ace Web Academy:
     This is the abode for professionals and students who have a passion for excelling in designing and developing. Being the pioneer in android training, there are several students who refer this place as they get expertise after learning android from here. In fact, they have even placed in multiple MNC’s and used this training session as the stepping stones to expand their career. The faculty has expertise working on android for several years and they make use of proven methods and help the people to write applications with ease. The staff here assists in practical sessions as well and explain them clearly on how to clear the interviews and work in the industry related problems. 

Other specialties:

  • One-one training
  • Mock tests on technical and interview papers
  • Career counseling & Mock interviews
  • Free workshops on various IT courses
  • 100% placement

Top mobile app development training institute in Hyderabad

2.       NareshIT :  
     In this institute, one gets in-depth knowledge about android. Individuals who get enrolled for this training will be explained with all the basic essentials. The experts here will also reveal the simple way to debug and assist them to handle a project after the training as well. They ensure that the students understand the importance concepts and as well check whether they are able to implement the same.
      Other specialties:
  • Flexible fee structures
  • Well Knowledge trainers
  • Branded Institute


3.       Genius Sport
       There are multiple options for the mobile developer and here you can get placed with ease when android training is completed here. One can be a pro in mobile programming as the mentors here explain the intermediate and as well advanced programming. There will be a chance to work on the assignments and get coding experience.


4.    Sandsys
    Get massive development in your career with the android training offered here. As the course is completed, every individual will be able to work with the API integration and on every aspect of android programming. After getting placed, there will be confidence ad as well knowledge on the domain to work on any challenging android applications.

5.        Learningcatalyst:
      There will be complete scope to flaunt your android programming skills as the course gets completed here. All the tough and as well technical concepts are explained with the practical uses. With this knowledge, the students are feeling it easy to attend and clear the interview with great mettle. There is a scope to get the certification either by enrolling in the classroom or online courses with ease.

6.       Sivasoft
    This institute is popular for customized training to enhance the student’s skills in the latest technologies. As the training gets completed, ever person will be able to improve their skills and the value to the work as there are a lot of tools and techniques that are explained here clearly.

7.        Srihitha Technologies
       Get a huge amount of android knowledge from the top professionals in the industry. Don’t miss the chance of acquiring a wide range of topics and intense knowledge on this platform. Get placed easily in the dream company with the practical skills of working and facing even the complex challenges.

8.       Brninfotech
       Get to know the wide chances to settle and grab a job irrespective of the competition in the market. Quality and interactive training are provided here with great faculty. Perfect guidance and best training sessions with practical and theoretical knowledge are explained here. There will be major scope to get the insights from the most valuable practical sessions that are provided here.

9.       Suntrainings
       Get developed on the android platform and this institute is popular as an abode for impeccable knowledge on this mobile app development. The endless sessions of this place are helpful to understand the concept and to dive into programming with ease. The training staff ensures everyone to implement whatever they learn here.

10.   Focustech
       The demand for android training is more as there are many chances to get placed. Learn from this institute and they assure you to provide the best knowledge as veterans are taking the training sessions. Personalized clarification of doubts, candid explanation of concepts, and assistance of project is what you get benefitted from here.

All the above mentioned are the best android development institutions which are providing entire training sessions at affordable prices. Choose the one which is flexible to learn as per the commute and timings available. The approachable staff who are experienced and conducting the training session with the proper schedule will help even the beginners to become a pro in short while.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Collections: The basic layers and Steps in Android App Development

Hello dear readers,
The rapid growth of smart phone usability is creating demand for Mobile App Development; of course it is easy to build a basic app if you are aware of basic programming.

In this post we would like to share complete collection we published web in 2016, on the suggestion of our regular readers we are sharing this post. Hope you all get benefits!

As we have shared in our last post: Sai Krishna, how a professional students can develop and publish a basic android app. In the process of training our instructors prepared a step by step guide to develop mobile apps, which gives you complete information on How to start and publish.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Summer Camp Special Training on Various IT Courses -AWA

Summer special training in Hyderabad

With ever changing technologies and methodologies competition is also increasing day-to-day in todays digital world. To withstand in the competition and get the desired jobs you should be clear with a specific goals. In respective to your goal achievement you have to develop or fine-tune your technical knowledge.

If you are a professional student or evermore interested in technology, we are here to help in your way to achieve your goals and enhance technical skills.

In this summer season Ace Web Academy started FAST Track training on Web Designing Tools, HTML, Mobile App Development, JAVA, Digital marketing(SEO,SEM,SMO, SMM), Blogging tips and content writing.

Grab this precious opportunity to get excel in your skills in a short period of time!


    Intermediate, Graduates, post graduates,    working professionals and everyone. We provide special classes for school students.


  1. We assist you job guarantee training with   real-time professionals
  2. Career counseling
  3. Well established lab facility
  4. Flexible timings with individual focus
  5. Corporate certification

Enroll at 7660966660

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

K Sai Krishna- Got Trained at AWA& developped "Just JAVA" android app

A bulk Congrats to Mr. K Sai Krishna from AWA . We appreciate your dedication towards your passion, hope you can develop more apps like "Just JAVA"

 Mr. Sai Krishna, really a dedicated student, he got training on Mobile App Development Course from AWA and developed his own app. You all Just bless him on his bright career. Listen his words about his journey with Ace Web Academy Hyderabad​.

Hi everyone, I am K Sai Krishna, I came from JNTU Pulivendhula college. I was very interested in learning mobile app development which is very important in future generation, I had inquired many students and gone through the feedback from YouTube reviews, finally came to know about called AceWebAcademy.

AceWebAcademy is training and placement center which provided me a platform to learn latest technologies and enabled to grow and enhance my knowledge according to the industrial level, here at ace I got trained on Android app development. At ace we have real time industry one to one training, so the faculty is focus on every student and we have gone through many live projects.

Let me show my App, I am happy to show you my application which I developed and published on Google Play Store, which is "Just JAVA". Find more about my app on

Finally thanks AceWebAcademy for offered me a tremendous learning platform.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Significance Of Web Design Training

Choosing a right career path is often a matter of confusion for both students as well as for their parents these days. Most of the youngsters, just take a job to earn rather than pursuing their career interest. Later, after putting in years of service in the job, they realize it was a wrong step taken and switching over at that point of time is quite difficult. Students in the present generation have a golden opportunity to pursue any professional course they desire while still being in high school or college. And, getting trained to land into your dream job is far more satisfying and rewarding.

While  for a student, there are many professional courses to pursue as a career, and Web design is one such course that has garnered a lot of popularity and is trending these days because almost every business, be it small or big, wants  to establish and stabilize their online presence, through efficient websites. 

Web design is not only all about letting your creativity shine, but it is also about making your dream come alive, by helping people get connected in numerous ways; from a business reaching out to its customers, or an artist reaching out to audiences, or institutions showcasing their relevancy and for many more such reasons, web design is playing a pivotal and a larger role.

best web design training institutes
Web design can be logically challenging, as the needs of the clients keep varying from each other. But when you develop creative insight and passion, this field gives you ample opportunities to excel. 

Although, a career in web design requires a combination of formal training, creative ability, and experience, there is absolutely no reason to complete your education, before thinking about a career in web designing, because there are many web designing institutes in Hyderabad, which provides best training in web design, even for those learners who are still pursuing their academic education. While providing training in the curriculum, they hone your creative skills and also offer career guidance and placement assistance as well to the students.

There are numerous job opportunities in web designing across various industries and sectors. It has emerged as a fast growing and a lucrative career option for many, who have benefited immensely from opting web design as a career. The period in high school or in college is apt for thinking and deciding about career goals and objectives.


The opportunities for web designers are numerous. Getting trained by the best and in the best institutes will make you job ready. Like other cities in India, Hyderabad is also one of the best places that offer excellent web design courses, even to those still pursuing academics in high school or colleges, making them competitive enough to face the job market with good experience and good confidence.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Importance of Joomla Learning

For beginners, it is not an easy decision, when it comes to choosing a right content management system. It demands detail analysis, comparisons and review studying. And to help them in this direction, we have collated information on Joomla CMS, in this article.

Joomla is an award winning and second most-widely used open-source web publishing software, which enables the users, including the beginners to develop interactive, dynamic and professional looking websites and other online applications, without even writing a single piece of code. It is also one of the most efficient and popular content management systems, designed to create, edit and manage content easily, even by non-technical users.
This software is built using Model View Controller (MVC) on top of LAMP based web application framework and uses the Object Oriented Programming techniques. The source code of this software is written in PHP and to store the data, databases such as MySQL, MS SQL(2.5) and PostgreSQL (3.0 onwards) are used.

The word Joomla means ‘Altogether’, and it is an apt word for this CMS, as it enjoys a strong community support where in the software developers, work together voluntarily to expand and enhance this software.
Reasons to learn Joomla
Even though there are many other open source content management systems like WordPress & Drupal, which are Joomla’s main competitors, it is interesting to note that many people prefer Joomla as their choicest options, because:
  • Joomla! has a clear and user friendly interface which enables users to create, manage and publish their content easily. The contents can be created, published and updated from anywhere at any time, using a web browser. 
  • A wide range of extensions, like quizzes, graphs, charts , libraries, surveys etc  are available that could enhance your website. 
  • It has a simple installation process. 
  • There are thousands of feature-rich plug-ins available, which you can easily add to your website. 
  • It has the best customization templates available online, which you can install in no time, and customize your layout giving a fresh look and feel to your website. 
  • It is the most popular and widely supported open source multilingual CMS platform in the world, offering more than 64 languages and enables Webmasters and content creators to create websites in multiple languages. 
  • It is really simple to add, edit and manage content, even if the content is huge. 
  • It has the capability to rope in social media technologies like blogs, forums, book marking, RSS feeds etc for social publishing and community building. 
  • It is the most secure, extensible and scalable software and it is updated frequently, with new features, security enhancements and other improvements. 
  • It has a simple workflow system, and has an efficient WYSIWYG editor. 
  • Many options are available in this CMS, to implement and manage multi-sites, profiles.
These multi-sites can also be replicated and backed up in Joomla.

In comparison with other CMS Tools:
In comparison with other popular CMS’, Joomla is the best choice to build business related e-commerce websites, because it is capable of handling data-driven applications such as e-commerce websites, real estate websites, educational websites etc., efficiently.
It also has numerous flexibility and extensibility features when compared to WordPress and Drupal, making it the best choice for building medium sized business sites, multimedia sites, membership sites, directories, small e-commerce websites, etc. Besides these things, Joomla enjoys enormous documentation support, when compare to other CMS.
Types of websites that can be built using Joomla:    
One of the best features of Joomla is, that it is very versatile and users, including non-technical users can also use it to develop:
o   Magazine and portals
o   Corporate portals  
o   Integrated e-Commerce
o   Online commerce
o   Community portals
o   Government applications                                                        
o   Personal home pages
o   Business websites
Besides all these, developers use this software, to develop software that involves additional features such as:
o   Inventory control
o   Data reporting tools
o   Business directories
o   Reservation system
o   Custom product catalog and many more    
Joomla comes up with latest updated versions and the latest being version 3.4.3, an enhancement to version 3.4. Some of the notable features of this latest release include:

o   Removing additional CMS components from the installation packages: This is indeed a great step in making Joomla user –friendly and light weight.
o   Extended support for Google’s No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA API:  This feature gives the user a smoother site experience and protects a website from the horrors of spam.
o   Front-end module editing: The most popular feature of this version where now it is all the more easily to do front-end module editing with going to the admin area.
o   Composer integration: This feature makes it easier to integrate external code libraries into Joomla.
o   Secure file uploads:  The latest version of Joomla has “Upload Shield” code to detect malicious uploads by examining their filenames and file contents. 
o   Collapsible admin sidebar: With this release, it is now possible to hide the admin side bar to view the admin screen in full width. 
What experts saying about Joomla?
Having thoroughly explored the Joomla CMS, here is a quick snippet of what our industry experts have to say about Joomla:
“Joomla is chock full of options. Some of my favorites include the search keyword tracking and banner management with click logging. These are great additions not often seen in open source content management systems. It is very easy to design a good quality template with Joomla. This is where the product really shines in my eyes.”
(Mike Johnston, Founder and Editor of CMS Critic)

“I would recommend Joomla! for websites that aren't blog-heavy. It's great for large websites, as well.  Joomla! is a very powerful system with lots of great extensions and a really easy to use admin system.” 
(Lindsay Diedrich, Marketing Director SCM Marketing Solutions)

I think Joomla! is best for web applications and full web sites. If you are looking for a stand along blog only solution. WordPress would be a better fit. However even if you don't need a CMS you can use the Joomla! framework to build your application.”
(Mike Demopoulos, Lead web developer , SPC Information Technology and services)

Thus, after careful analysis of this CMS, we can confidently say that Joomla has emerged as a powerful CMS. Since it is fully supported by the vibrant and growing community of talented developers and friendly users, who make continuous efforts in enhancing and improving Joomla CMS, we can definitely see a high scaling career prospect for Joomla learners.