Finest Career Option: Digital marketing Vs Web designing in 2016?

IT industry has been playing a major role in shaping the present world around us. The world we live in is significantly driven by IT services, and therefore the scope associated with this industry is pretty huge. This is the reason why career in the IT or Information Technology sector is considered as really an enticing one. Even if you are a fresher in the field of IT, there are still many jobs available for you. However, the main thing is which area to choose in the IT industry. There are numbers of sectors available; Web Designing and Web Marketing are the two major ones. Each has its own positive and negative aspects. For this reason, one must get complete information about the subjects covered and the opportunities available in Digital Marketing and Web Designing Courses.

Comparing Digital marketing and Web designing in various aspects

·         Who should go for it?
Digital marketing- When we talk about digital marketing, it basically involves a lot of planning and smart strategies, with basic knowledge of common languages like HTML, CSS, etc. A professional working in this field does not have to be a hardcore programmer.
Web designing- On the other hand, web designing is highly based on coding and various designing tools, such as photoshop, pixate, etc. It is more about being artistic and creative rather than marketing skills. So, if you are more into designing and innovation then go for web designing. 

·         Duration of course:
Digital marketing- The duration of digital marketing course remains between 4 and 6 months usually. The modules covered under this course are like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), mobile marketing, social media analytics, and many more.
Web designing- The duration of this course is much higher when compared to the digital marketing one. You will have to spend at least 1 year in order to pursue a course in web designing. Most of the full-time course related to web designing extends up to 2 years. 

·         Working nature:
Digital marketing- The major onuses of an expert of digital marketing is to help a company and its products or services get noticed by its potential customers. The working nature is more like coming up with strategies in order to enhance the visibility in the web world.
Web designing - On the other hand, web designing related work is more about rendering a unique and attractive design to a website, without overlooking the aspects of SEO. It is also about developing web applications for the clients. 

·         Career opportunities:
Digital marketing - The opportunities in this field are very enticing. It would not be wrong to say that even in 2016 the field of digital marketing is in the nascent stage. There is a lot of room for development, and starting a career in this field can be very promising. Digital marketing professionals are in demand these days, and they can also work as a freelancer.
Web designing - We have been hearing about web designing related jobs since more than a decade. Even though thousands of new websites are being added every year, but it would not be wrong to say that the competition in this field is quite tough.

·         Packages offered:
Digital marketing - The salary that you can expect in this field can begin from 2.5lac up to 10lac per annum. If you set up your own digital marketing agency, you could earn even more.
Web designing - The salary offered to a fresher in this field can remain around 3lac per annum, and it increases with the amount of experience.

Conclusion- Web designing is more apt for professionals who are a bit artistic in nature. It is about playing with layouts and colors. So, if you lack the artistic side, you may not be able to impress your clients. On the other hand, digital marketing is about using your knowledge as well as smartness in order to excel in this field. Since digital marketing is growing at an amazing speed, therefore it would be quite wise to make a career in the same. The duration of course related to digital marketing is also quite convenient, and most of the modules are easy to understand.
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